Fulvio Sarzana’s interview of Associated Press Television about Silvio Berlusconi’s Trial in Milan.


Rome – 16 February, 2011

8. Wide of criminal lawyer Fulvio Sarzana di Sant’Ippolito in his office

9. SOUNDBITE: (Italian) Fulvio Sarzana di Sant’Ippolito, criminal lawyer:

“The composition of the jury is an ordinary one. We have three women. Three women judges who are called to judge on the so-called Ruby case.”

10. Close-up of lawyer’s gown

11. SOUNDBITE: (Italian) Fulvio Sarzana di Sant’Ippolito, criminal lawyer:

“In our judicial system, the mixed jury with judges and ordinary citizens are used only for several specific crimes, such as murder or kidnapping, that are very serious crimes.”

12. Close-up of hands

SOUNDBITE: (Italian) Fulvio Sarzana di Sant’Ippolito, criminal lawyer:

“For the Milan case (Berlusconi’s trial) there is also a specific software called Giada, that automatically assigns judges to specific cases. The rules to assign the judges are previously decided. This means that the choice of those judges is completely accidental.”

Fulvio Sarzana

Studio Legale Roma Sarzana & Associati
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