Battle for the future of Italy’s internet: Protests build against site-blocking law


Raffaele Mastrolonardo  for ZdNet

Italy’s internet is in turmoil, with the country’s telecoms regulator at the centre of the brouhaha.

A diverse coalition of activists, lawyers and ISPs is protesting against a draft regulation on digital copyright, which the Italian comms watchdog, AgCom, will finalise and approve in the next few weeks.

The regulation, they say, puts internet users’ freedom of expression in jeopardy and imposes an excessive economic burden on ISPs. The coalition has gone as far as to send an open letter to Laura Boldrini, the president of the lower house of parliament — where a few bills on copyright are currently waiting to be discussed — urging the assembly to take the matter into its own hands and suspend the regulation.

In parallel, two Italian MEPs have filed a parliamentary question to the European Commission on the subject, asking the EC to take a stance on the regulation.

The episode is the last in a series of events over the past few years where groups of Italian experts and users have mobilised (successfully, for the most part) against online regulation proposed by parliament or the government.

Freedom at risk?

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