SMAU 2011 in Rome on March 31 and 30: follow live on the Internet in streaming the conference on “Net neutrality, copyright and peer to peer” and on “Cyber terrorism and attacks on computer networks of the NCI “.

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Wednesday 30 and Thursday, March 31 will be possible by connecting directly to  (via the video above) or   Sarzana law Firm  , to the conference web on net neutrality and copyright and cyber terrorism, which will be held at Fiera di Roma in Rome during events SMAU 2011-EXPOCOMM.

Among the speakers include: Giuseppe  Chiaravalloti, Vice President privacy Italian’s Privacy Authority, Roberto Napoli, Commissioner of the Communications Authority , Fulvio Sarzana, Lawyer, one of the promoters of the “ for the protection of the rights and digital freedom , Marco Pierani, head of institutional relations of Altroconsumo ( Consumer Association) , Augusto Preta, coordinator of the White Paper on digital content for the Italian Communications Authority,  Federico Flaviano, Director of Consumer Protection, AGCOM, the Prefect Antonio Apruzzese,  Head of Postal and Communications Police , Mr. Rita Forsi,  ISCOM Director General – Institute of Communications and Information Technology, the, Cons. Fausto Basile, Deputy Chief Legislative Office, Ministry for Public Administration and Innovation.

See you on the internet at 14:30 on Wednesday 30 and Thursday at 14 and 30 of 31

Fulvio Sarzana
Studio Legale Roma Sarzana & Associati
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