The collapse of Vajont Dam: Italian Judge seize the historic portal for a sentence offensive to the reputation of two Mr. Berlusconi Mps.

The Judge of the preliminary investigations of Belluno, Italy,  on  request of local Prosecutor, has ordered the seizure of portal, the website that told with pictures and articles, the story of the massacre following the collapse of the dam Vajont of 1963, that claimed the death of 1910 people, for a sentence considered offensive to the reputation of Mr Domenico  Scilipoti and Maurizio Paniz,  two MPs from the majority of former Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi.

On 12 February 2008, while launching the International Year of Planet Earth, UNESCO cited the Vajont Dam tragedy as one of five “cautionary tales”, caused by “the failure of engineers and geologists”
The measure requested by the prosecutor  however, has been adopted not only for a page containing the sentence or   the whole portal, but also against 226 internet service providers Italians, who were ordered to “restraining the respective users access to the web, with aliases and domain names present and future, returning to that site, the static IP address that at the time of seizure is associated the said domain name, and any additional static IP address that will be associated in the future (interdiction to address resolution via DNS). “

Fulvio Sarzana
Studio Legale Roma Sarzana & Associati
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