SMAU 2011 in Rome on March 31 and 30: follow live on the Internet in streaming the conference on “Net neutrality, copyright and peer to peer” and on “Cyber terrorism and attacks on computer networks of the NCI “.

Wednesday 30 and Thursday, March 31 will be possible by connecting directly to  (via the video above) or   Sarzana law Firm  ,.. Read more »

The new frontiers of cyber terrorism, cyber attacks within the management systems of nuclear power plants and the protection of critical national systems.

NCI Transport, Energy electricity networks are secure from cyber attacks? What would happen if it will be a computer attack to automated systems, transport management,..... Read more »

A letter to the Italian’s Authority for the Communications: 31 000 people in less than 24 hours sign the call for a moratorium on Internet and copyright to the Communications Authority.

 More than 31 000 people on the net in less than 24 hours sign, by the Transnational Association appeal, the request for a moratorium..... Read more »

Copyright, Peer to peer, net neutrality and privacy of citizens and users in Rome, March 31 at the Fiera di Roma.

Giuseppe Chiaravalloti, Vice President italian’s privacy Authority, Roberto Napoli, Commissioner of the Italian Communications Authority , Fulvio Sarzana, one of the promoters of the “www... Read more »

The Italian Authority for Communications and copyright: the meeting between the President of the Association of American film producer (MPAA). Pisano and the President of AGCOM, Calabrò and “doubts” about the U.S. government source.

In the Italian’s Authority for Communications consultation on the subject of copyright, which saw the presentation of more than 50 documents in response to public..... Read more »

The Italian’s postal market liberalization: the case of Poste Italiane. No independent authority.

As is now known at the end of 2010, the Council of Ministers approved the legislative decree transposing into our legislation the European Directive 6..... Read more »

Fulvio Sarzana’s Interview about Silvio Berlusconi’s Trial in Milan by Associated Press Television Read more »