Italian Fines for Wi Fi: in force Legislative Decree 198/2010 on the obligation to use a licensed contractor for telecommunications equipment (ie routers).

It ‘s came into force on December 15, 2010 October 26, 2010 Italian Legislative Decree No 198, entitled “Implementation of Directive 2008/63/CE on competition in..... Read more »

By the copyright complaint against web All AGCOM

**** Courtesy of  Tech News Buzz Latest hot technology news Italy is coming to an automated system and directed to seize foreign sites of any..... Read more »

Agcom and IP Enforcement in Italy: An overview on the new measures to be used against sites hosting materials that seems to be infringe copyright. The similarity to the first version of Hadopi in France.

On December 17th, the Italian communications authority, Agcom (Autorità per le garanzie nelle comunicazioni), under the powers  assigned to it by the Romani Law, announced..... Read more »

Appeal for a suspension on new Italian Internet rules, since an Italian Parliament decision on copyright and constitutional rights balance will take place. Association of Italian Consumers and Majors associations of small-medium businesses companies against automatic deletion of sites on the internet

 ADICONSUM, and ALTROCONSUMO, two of the largest associations of Italian consumers, ASSOPROVIDER-Confcommercio, ASSONET-Confesercenti, two of the most important associations of small-medium businesses companies,  AGORA ‘DIGITALE,..... Read more »

Defeat Microsoft and the BSA (Business Software Alliance) before the Criminal Court of Rome acquitted because the fact there is a contractor in possession of unlicensed softwares 270 out of 103 computers and technological devices to bypass the cd crack on the server.

Detention without a license (or licenses expired) commercial software due to Microsoft and other U.S. multinational BIG software (in this case and distributed hundreds.. Read more »

The Italian Authority for Communications, the white paper on digital content and amnesia.

The Italian Authority for Communications announced with great publicity in the media presentation of a white paper on digital content will be January 26, 2011..... Read more »

AGCOM and the Legal copyright. The crisis of the constitutional principle of separation of powers.

On January 3, 2011 was published by the Italian Communications Authority in the Official Gazette the Resolution 668/2010, which aims to regulate the powers of..... Read more »