Copyright: Italian market for neighbouring rights will be free? An open competion for foreign collecting societies.

On 20 January the new Italian Prime Minister Prof Mario Monti passed a reform (known as “Decreto Liberalizzazioni”.

It seems that that will be a changement in the legal discipline of the Italian Monopolist Collecting Society (SIAE)

According to Article 39(2) of the Decreto Liberalizzazioni:
“To favour the creation of new undertakings aimed at protecting the rights of artists, performers and executors, by enhancing competitive pluralism and allowing for a more economic-oriented management, as well as by favouring the actual involvement and control by rights owners, administration and intermediation activities relating to neighbouring rights, pursuant to the Italian Copyright Act – no matter how these are carried out – are free.”

The Article 180 of the Italian Copyright Act provided for intermediation activities in the field of neighbouring rights be carried out exclusively by SIAE.

It’s not clear, at the moment, what will be about the SIAE Monopoly and if will be an open competion by italian and foreign collecting societies.

UPDATE: The English Translation of the Article 39(2) of the Decreto Liberalizzazioni, in the body of article, was by Eleonora Rosati from her 1709 blog . Sorry for the misunderstending. fs

Fulvio Sarzana
Studio Legale Roma Sarzana & Associati
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