A letter to the Italian’s Authority for the Communications: 31 000 people in less than 24 hours sign the call for a moratorium on Internet and copyright to the Communications Authority.

 More than 31 000 people on the net in less than 24 hours sign, by the Transnational Association Avaaz.org appeal, the request for a moratorium on new regulations on copyright of the italian’s Authority for Communications proposed by the associations of www.sitononraggiungibile.it “and send the text of the protest to AGCOM.

Avaaz.org The international organization, apolitical and non-partisan and totally independent, working in campaigns overall protection of civil rights such as asking the UN imposition of the no fly zone to Libya and has over 7 million subscribers in around the world, decided yesterday 21 March 2011 to support the campaign against the repressive measures against websites suspected of infringing the copyright in the approval by the Italian Authority for Communications. In less than 24 hours more than 31 000 citizens from around the world have decided to support the protest groups www.sitononraggiungibile.it through the website of the Association Avaaz “AGCOM: Do not censor the Internet” by subscribing for its appeal http: www.avaaz.org/it/it_internet_bavaglio?fp.

The campaign, which began about a month and a half from the Associations Adiconsum, Digital Agora, Altroconsumo, Assoprovider-Confcommercio, Confesercenti-Assonet, Sarzana law firm, and has already produced motions, proposals and questions to Italian Parliament and has already collected while the individual membership of 4500 netizens.

 At the same time the text of the protest was sent on behalf of 31 000 signatories to the attention of the components of the Authority for Communications.

Within the e-mail sent by the signatories to Avaaz are explained, with reference to this site www.sitononraggiungibile.it the reasons the initiative.

For more information www.sitononraggiungibile.it

Fulvio Sarzana

Studio Legale Roma Sarzana & Associati
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