Bruxelles, Tuesday, 3rd March 2015.Towards a new legislation on Intellectual Property in the digital single market. Proposal for a new framework under INFOSOC and IPRED directives.

Europe of Freedom and Direct Democracy Group EFDD –   presents:     Tuesday, 3rd March 2015, from 9:30 to 13:00 a.m.   at the..... Read more »

Copyright: Finland Abolishes Copyright Levies On Digital Devices

  Finland is the latest EU member state to scrap levies on digital devices, following similar moves in Spain and the UK. The Finnish Parliament..... Read more »

Forex Financial sites. New Crackdown in Italy under request from Italian financial regulator Consob.

Rome, 16/12/2014. In a dramatic move, the preliminary investigations by the Judge of Rome, on the order of the Public Prosecutor of Rome, under request..... Read more »

The final paper of Italian Government on Net Neutrality (state of play). Italy to Remove Net Neutrality from The proposal. 21 november 2014.

  ITPRESState ofPlay The Italian Government will present its final proposal on Net Neutrality and Roaming the Council of Ministers of Telecommunications on 27 November...... Read more »

Italian government, current President of the European Council, says its EU Partners “Net Neutrality, No, thanks”.

  Italian Government says  to EU  Partners “Net neutrality ?, No thanks.” The Italian government, current President of the European Council, surprisingly trying to “bury”..... Read more »

AGCOM: Consumer Organizations And Internet Companies Mount Legal Challenge To Italy’s Extreme Copyright Enforcement Regulations

GlynMoody for from the fightback-time dept Techdirt has been following for a while the saga of Italy giving its Authority for Communications.. Read more »

Italian way to copyright. On the Road to Constitutional Court, President of AGCOM said ” Mr Sarzana won’t be able to drag me personally to the Court”.

 Rome November 14, 2014. On 26 September 2014, The Italian regional administrative tribunal referred the question regarding the constitutionality of the administrative enforcement procedures foreseen by a..... Read more »