2010, closes with two digital-minute news and a no new

The year draws to a close and in these last hours, we follow the news the publication of measures already widely discussed previously in traditional newspaper columns and on the Net

Alessandro Longo tells us is published in the Official Journal of Law Decree Milleproroghe it contains, is now certain, the repeal of the last two paragraphs of Article 7 of Decree-called Pisanu ( but that decree is not the Act).

We now verify the parliamentary process and the possible changes that will be made to accommodate the needs of investigation on several occasions expressed by members of the Institutions.

Guido Scorza instead, reports the publication on the website AGCOM’s Regulation on web TV, which does not contain details new compared to what we already knew.

In terms of Regulation AGCOM copyright is not records however, beyond statements of principle as the Associations of the holders of copyright to rejoice the unexpected and surprising success, the publication in the Official Journal of the relevant regulation, or at least it has not signed found no trace.

Good start to 2011!

Fulvio Sarzana

Studio Legale Roma Sarzana & Associati
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