Defeat Microsoft and the BSA (Business Software Alliance) before the Criminal Court of Rome acquitted because the fact there is a contractor in possession of unlicensed softwares 270 out of 103 computers and technological devices to bypass the cd crack on the server.

Detention without a license (or licenses expired) commercial software due to Microsoft and other U.S. multinational BIG software (in this case and distributed hundreds of software installed on more than one hundred computer) does not constitute the crime of illegal duplication or detention file without a license, even if the computers are found in devices to circumvent technology that can run the software without a license, those who are called in slang crack. Major defeat of U.S. multinationals that Microsoft had a civil party in criminal proceedings before the Court of Rome asking for damages for hundreds of thousands of euro and the Business Software Alliance (BSA the association of the multinational software) that was provided to Military of the financial police personnel for the technical assessment of the violation and the assessment of the cost of individual software that had been imposed at the same entrepreneur administrative penalty 284mila €.

This was established by a court in Rome, section V, Dr. Laura D’Alessandro, Judgement of 15 November 2010, having completed a business owner, defended by the lawyer Fulvio Sarzana di S. Ippolito, who had been found in possession of 270 softwares all the well known commercial software houses, including Microsoft itself, but also Adobe, Macromedia, Symantec, are not licensed, distributed over 103 computers including servers on which were placed in sharing the benefit of all employees of the companies from circumventing technological methods. The softwares were used in training, so in a non-commercial by a company that was recognized as a research laboratory accredited by the Ministry of University and Scientific Research. Among the courses offered, some are just the education law in the field of industrial property. The company had cooperated in the past with the same Microsoft. Also applying the principles already established by the Supreme Court in reference to the non-obligation to affix the SIAE stamp on the media, the Court held that without evidence of duplication of software by the contractor and without proof of actual use on individual machines to circumvent technological devices on the corporate server could not be an offense of illegal duplication of software or possession of software does not have a license and has sent the contractor complied with the formula as possible, the fact that there is.

Fulvio Sarzana
Studio Legale Roma Sarzana & Associati
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