The final paper of Italian Government on Net Neutrality (state of play). Italy to Remove Net Neutrality from The proposal. 21 november 2014.



ITPRESState ofPlay
The Italian Government will present its final proposal on Net Neutrality and Roaming the Council of Ministers of Telecommunications on 27 November.

This the last document prepared by the Italian Presidency and circulated among the delegates of the countries of the Council, (21 November )

Italian Government confirms its intention to remove Net Neutrality and affirms  (not clear whether speaking as chairman or by recording the positions of the Council), the specialized services are not regulated but not prohibited

The theme of the specialized services had been precisely defined by the text released in April by the European Parliament to  avoid  uncertainties on discrimination of traffic and the potential conflict with the free internet.

The Italian proposal also with regard to roaming proposes to postpone the end of 2016 the entry into force of the so-called ‘roam like at home’ (RLAH).

The document would seem to benefit the big mobile operators, to the detriment of the operators of more modest size and consumers.

Among the proposals, indeed very unorthodox, the Italian Government  ask to the Council an  exploratory mandate to negotiate future scenarios with the Commission and the European Parliament.



Fulvio Sarzana
Studio Legale Roma Sarzana & Associati
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